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For the GoT fans among us, what's with "bend the knee"?

I mean, I get it. I know what it means. I mean, why is Daenerys so hopped up on this? What has she done to earn Jon Snow’s knee getting bent to her? It feels a little bit like she thinks she is entitled to be the queen of the seven kingdoms, even though to me it feels more like she’s saying “I’m back for my dad’s chair”.

It bothers me mightily that she can tell Jon Snow, after seeing evidence of the white walkers and children of the forest, “Okay, I’ll help if you bend the knee.” This REALLY bothers me. Maybe because it just seems like she’s there to be the queen, she didn’t have to show up anyway, and she wants someone to just be all “YAAAS QUEEN” without doing a damn thing to deserve it. Her dad was a f’n monster, and apparently he’s not the only member of that house to have been one, what with the incest and all. What in the world really makes her think that everyone is gonna just jump on it like a hornet when she yells about being the Twenty-Adjective Woman? She was willing to go to bat for everyone in Essos (I have feelings about the white savior thing but this isn’t about that, probably) but now suddenly in Westeros she wants to get up in people’s business who have been living perfectly fine without her intervention. They don’t have the slave trade in the North. What is she on about? She’s supposed to be this great liberator but it seems more like she’s putting on her pouty face because she can’t get what she wants, instead of helping liberate Westeros from the impending threat of the white walkers.

I just can’t get with the people who want Jon to bend the knee and even to marry her! Ugh! I liked her in Essos but it seems like she caught a case of too big for her britches and now look. I get it. She’s a woman who has been through some horrible shit, based primarily on people having power over her, and through that, she seeks to end people hurting those they have power over. But it seems as if she’s blatantly grabbing for power when irl, Westeros has passed her by. The Targaryens are not the power they used to be, and the people of Westeros do not remember them fondly. I’m sorry for this angry rant, but it’s just so bothersome to me that Dany has essentially developed into Europe and can’t wait to come save the North and I guess all the citizens of Westeros from making their own decisions.

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