Tis the season!

Child's Play is a charity that provides video games and other media type presents to children's hospitals around the country. The second link is where you can find the hospital nearest you and see their amazon wishlist. The wish lists have items from a variety of price points, so donating can be quite quite affordable for those who cannot afford to give as much. Any little bit helps, after all. So please take a look?

For those of whom are inclined to charity! (I am bad at writing titles for these things)

John's Hopkin's Children's Center has an Amazon WeeshLeest, wiv gifties in many different price ranges!

Dis Is Link.

If you wanna see the weesh leest of a hospital near you, dis link will help you locate such a hospital. The charity is called Child's Play and they help provide toys and video game stuffs to sick tinyhumans inna hospitals! So take a look, if you can, and maybe get them something? Plz?