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If you are lucky enough to live in an area that is not Trump country and do not have Trump supporting relatives, I thought you might find this informative.

Below is direct from my FB feed; all from one person in the past day. These are interspersed with “God is Great!” posts, posts about visiting the local casino and posts about some FB game involving chips. These are not even all the Trump posts...

“It’s all propaganda that Mexicans and women don’t like Trump and blacks as well. We all like him.”


“Trump is not behind in the polls! No way is he behind. It’s propaganda. Don’t believe them.”

Person doesn’t quote or share actual posts, rather does this...“post I found on here...I am a Muslim and Support Mr. Trump. This is the last chance for Americans not only to survive but to thrive as well, if Americans elect Crooked Hillary Clinton she will do her best to destroy America, it will be a total failure for the American public. #IamwithyouDJT!”

“I’m impressed with Trump surrounding himself with prayer and fellow Christians.”

“Trump has way more supporters than Clinton. To think otherwise is not the truth. I will not be brainwashed.”


“A vote for Clinton is a vote for this corruption of filthy rich elites that think their money buys them whatever they want. This time their money buys them your vote for Hillary.”

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