Just a few thoughts.

So I have some thoughts as I was a complete mess and finished it at 4 in the morning last night. I spent like 13 hours straight watching this show. Yup.

The last episode was very interesting, but overall the season left me wanting other things. It was not a bad season by any means, but the focus seemed to shift a bit.

I found the last part of Rosa taking the van and hauling ass out of there to be awesome...Oh yeah she also kills (I hope) Vee with the van. Yes this was a good final scene for sure.

They added another Asian character and God she annoyed me. Wish they would have added other characters of color also but well, we get what we get.


The best backstories for me were Crazy Eyes', Gloria's, and Poussey's. I even thought Morello's was interesting and really sad as well.

Oh and why did Piper's ex-fiance and best friend get together? Is that in the books. I don't know but it was stupid.

I'm thinking of posting my complete thoughts on this later or on another day. I'm kinda mad that now I don't have any more episodes to watch but that's what happens when you binge watch.