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For Your Consideration: The Sanctimony Pony

After much thought and consultation, I would like to submit for the approval of GT, Sanctimony Pony. Like it's cousin, Drama Llama, Sanctimony Pony should be reserved for situations in which some darling special snowflake has decided their opinion not only matters more than everyone else's, but that they should be hoisted upon the highest pedestal for the many sacrifices they make.

For example, the commenter who doesn't consume dairy, but sets aside precious time during their busy day to talk about why not eating cheese is better for the planet, even though they really miss it.


Or the mommy bloggers who want you to know how much they suffer, how miserable their lives are, and how much of a hassle their children are, but that motherhood is such a blessing and truly their life's work.

And the commenter who makes sure to tell us on every Kara Brown article that he/she is 1/16th Cherokee princess, and also French, Irish, Italian, Basque, Australian Aboriginal, Hutu, Icelandic, Inuit, AND a direct descendant of Ghengis Khan so everything is extremely offensive to them, but it's okay because they pass for white.

Yea or nay? (Get it? Nay? BECAUSE IT'S A PONY!)

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