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Why not donate your work to a dedicated blog on the topic?

I'm on the email list for the Canadian Women's Foundation mainly because I'm hoping they'll write about needing a volunteer for a really awesome position and I'll apply and get it and be happy ever after. In the meantime, they write about other relevant topics. This last newsletter was a highlight on their blog and a reminder that they welcome submissions. Sounds like basically anything goes as long as it's on their trajectory. You don't even have to be Canadian!


This is just one instance of ways to get your name out there. Content creation is the new SEO so it's really valuable to organizations of all sizes. Non-profits don't generally have the cashflow to throw at writers so they typically rely on a small staff and talented volunteers. You'll be able to include it in your portfolio, and you can even add it to your LinkedIn profile.

So if you write A Thing... Please do share it here with your GT homeboys but see if you can get some legs on that jam.

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