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Forced Sterilzation For Everyone!

Oh hai! Sorry to bug you again so soon! But I thought you might like to know that The Feminist Times (never heard of them before today) thinks forced sterilization is okay! Or at least they don't think it's not okay enough to not publish a piece saying it's totes cool!

I guess the post is a submission under their "Taboo" tag where people can say what they want without judgement, but how you can you purport to be a feminist magazine and then give space for a sentiment like that? Forced sterilization IS ALWAYS unfeminist. There's no leeway.


Here's the gist so you don't have to click through if you don't want to:

I came to this idea from a personal experience which involves a family member who decided to bring a child into the world. It was her choice, like lot’s of people everyday who have children, because that’s what happens, we reproduce.

However she neglected the child. Put the little girl in some terrible, dangerous situations which led to social services taking the child away from her. This isn’t something new or unusual, it happens all the time. I understand that sometimes people can make mistakes and sometimes people have problems of their own that need to be addressed.

One of our elderly relatives couldn’t bear to see the baby go into care and grow up feeling unwanted, so out of her own selflessness took on the child and her upbringing. This wasn’t as easy as written either. Social services became more of a hinderance than a help and she had to fight.

So there’s sort of a happy story going on here but what saddens me most is what happen next.

Does the mother seek help? Want to get her child back and earn the right to be called her mother and look after her? No she doesn’t.

Instead she continues to sleep about with men, picks an ex convict, gets pregnant again and surprise surprise the cycle continues.

So aside from saying, "No reproductive freedoms for you!" there's a ton of misogynistic shit packed in their as well.

TFT claims they posted it to "spark debate", but 1. that's bullshit and 2. NOT EVERY OPINION HAS MERIT. Just because you feel that way, doesn't mean that you should be given a platform to spout your bullshit beliefs. I'm sure there are lots of women who think all women are babymaking machines, but you don't see feminist magazines giving them bylines!


Not to mention the historical precedent for using eugenics against the bodies of WoC as a means to essentially wipe them off the face of the earth because they weren't "biologically desirable".

Although the following events were not explicitly justified through the by-now-discredited eugenics movement, they certainly fit the older pattern. In 1970’s, several activists and women’s rights groups discovered several physicians to be performing coerced sterilizations of specific ethnic groups of society. All were abuses of poor, nonwhite, or mentally retarded women, while no abuses against white or middle-class women were recorded.


Emphasis mine. It's from Wikipedia but still. That shit is not feminist.

FUCK THAT and FUCK The Feminist Times.

ETA: Some info on how eugenics affected Native American women.


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