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Anybody know anything about getting foreclosed on?

My situation:


I moved out in August, but made a mortgage payment before I left, so the house was current on payments until September 1. Asshole, I have recently discovered, has not made any payments since I left, nor did he inform me that he needed assistance, nor has he contacted the bank and tried to negotiate any kind of forbearance, tried to see what the options other than foreclosure are, etc. According to the letter I got, and the person at the bank I talked to, they're going to start foreclosure proceedings tomorrow. I've been trying to get in touch with my lawyer for the past two weeks, since I discovered all of this shit, but between his being in court for all of the first week and the holiday last week, we haven't really connected. I KNOW that there are other, better, options, that don't screw up your credit as much.

I understand that Asshole got the house appraised that the realtor said that it would be lucky to sell for about $10,000 less than we owe on it. Fine. But if you just TALK TO THE FUCKING BANK they can set up a short sale and they usually forgive a good portion of the debt. They just want to make back as much of their money as they can, and they know they won't do that with a foreclosure.

Asshole is working on declaring bankruptcy (which I'm now wondering, too, will that mean I'll NEVER see any child support?) so he clearly doesn't care about his own credit rating, but MINE is pretty fucking good, and I really don't appreciate this sort of decision being made without having any input or the chance to explore other options. Meh. I should be used to it by now since it's the only way decisions have ever been made in our relationship, because when it comes to my opinion:


(Woe to whomever I end up with in the future. I'm going to be such a controlling bitch.)


So, anybody have experience with forclosure? Short sales? Words of wisdom? Info on how to hide the body so I can't get arrested?

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