I'm somewhat bogged down with school work at this point in the semester. I suppose that's what happens when you're obtaining your Master's and an Associate's at the same time. I AM THE DICHOTOMY OF (WO)MAN. Right now, I want to go to a mountain cabin, and curl up with a pile of books.

I want to sit in the Weirwood of Winterfell.
I want to discover the Kingdom of Heaven with Lyra.
I want to sprawl out in the Gryffindor common room.
I want to ride the barge to Avalon.
I want to stroll the walkways of Redwall.
I want to wake up one morning and have Gandalf at my door, beckoning me on an adventure.

Until then, I suppose I'll do my school work.

But when the flames of Gondor are lit, I know that Rohan will answer.