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Forgiveness and Charleston what it means?

I was watching the bond hearing live Friday and was struck how so many who lost love ones forgave the killer. I was thinking about it ever since. I do not quite understand what they mean by forgiveness. To me forgiveness means moving on and forgetting and letting by gones be by gones with my transgressor. I doubt this is what it means to them, they will never forget nor really move on. Maybe this is why forgiveness is so hard with me and why I believe some things are unforgivable since to me it would mean letting the transgressor have essentially a clean slate with me even if I do not know them.

I know these folks do not want a clean slate with him. Is their forgiveness rooted in religion and culture with a definition the nuns and brothers never discussed.We were taught about unpardonable sins which are never forgiven. What this killer did landed in unpardonable sins. I know if I was their with a loved one dead I would say “may you rot in prison and hell what you did was unforgivable”.

I know people are lauding them for their courage. I just do not understand how they define forgiveness. It does not seem my definition.


Does anyone understand how they define forgiveness. Also is my definition just bad?

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