The story of Farzana Parveen, the pregnant Pakastani woman stoned to death by her family in an honor killing because her husband failed to fulfill his dowry obligation, has a grisly twist that makes it even more chilling than before.

I know that seems hard to believe, but it's true.

Farzana was Muhammad Iqbal's second wife. He strangled his first wife because he wanted to be with Farzana. He was able to avoid any punishment for her murder because under an Islamic provision of Pakistani law, if the family of the victim "forgives" the murderer and he pays "blood money" to the family, he can go free. Iqbal's son, the son of his first wife and her next of kin, pardoned him and he was freed.

Not one, but two, women treated like property of their families. Thrown away like trash. I'm feeling a little ill right now. And I'm so angry. I really don't give a shit about respecting the culture there at this point. It doesn't deserve respect. By any human standards, this is reprehensible.

Theoretically, they've arrested some of the family members who stoned Farzana Parveen and are looking for the rest. If they are actually punished, that will be better than nothing, but she will still be horribly dead. But I will wait and watch to see whether that happens, because I have no faith it will. She was only a woman. I will not be surprised if the family members get a pass based on some legal argument which the courts there decide is more important than her right to live.