Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(TW: discussion of depression)

and now I'm all "Meh" about everything. I'm not exactly depressed, but I can feel a distinct difference in how I function. Not to mention that I have zero desire to do anything but stare at the computer screen and silently demand that the internet entertain me.


I feel like, although this doesn't feel great, it is a good thing. This is a reminder to me about how I felt for months before I decided that I might actually be more than just "a little moody." I would sit around and stare at the tv or the computer, not enjoying anything coming from either. I would resent my daughters for the most basic requests. I would all but ignore my husband.

So, today I remembered to take my pill. And I remembered why I started taking them in the first place.

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