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Former Baltimore PD Officer on Police Corruption

If I missed it getting shared on here, consider this a re-share.

Last month, Graby Sauce posted on the Salad Bowl about the twitter of a former Baltimore PD officer, in which he details the corruption he personally saw in the department. With a special focus on its affect on POC.

I have checked in on him a few times and here’s what I think is valuable about his contributions:

  • He is pretty open about the fact that POC have been trying to say these things forever, so it’s a shame people need to take his word for it.
  • He uses his platform to spread the word about important POC activists who are trying to do things about this problem, like Bree Newsome.
  • He is very open to criticism regarding his role in police corruption.
  • His tweets are a perfect way to rile up your Facebook friends who are on a #notallcops kick.
  • They haven’t found any dirt on him, and you know the Baltimore PD has been looking for dirt for more than a month.

I just feel like this is an example both of what good allyship and atonement can look like.


I’ll be on a forklift for the next 9 hours, so responses/recommendations might take a while.

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