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Former child actors destroyed by fame (TW drug addiction and death)





This list is a "only happened in my lifetime list". Odd list to. I would not have included Drew Barrymore nor Britney Spears yes both had major problems but both had support most did not get plus their careers are strong now, Barrymore's career is stronger then ever. Both belong on the "overcame" list. article


Dana Plato deserved to have been number one. Annisa Jones also belongs on the list, she was the sister on Family Affair. Carl Switzer (Alfalfa) where is he? Hollywood spit him out then was killed in his late 20s over a money dispute. Also where is the rest of the Our Gang (original series) all, it seems, except for Jackie Cooper (Superman and did a lot of behind the scenes work) after they were done with the show, which paid them little.

Also where is Judy Garland, as a child her parents and directors, producers got her addicted to uppers and sleeping pills both were lifelong problems. Yes she had a career but looked physically totally burnt out well before she died in her 40s. She looked far older then her actual age when she died.

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