Onychophagia, or nail biting, has been something I've done forever. That big word sounds pretty scary, and so were my nails. Chewed my little nails down to nubs, often leaving them sore and bloody. So when I thought I had just sort of grown out of it several months back, I was thrilled! While they were a bit brittle and far from perfect, I dove right into the fun world of nail polish! Woo hoo the colours! For once I had relatively nice looking, not fake nails that were actually long enough for me to see them over the tip of my finger, and could make that tap tap tapy noise on tables. It was fantastic. But I'm ready for more!

Anyways, it's the Canada Day long weekend up here (YAY CANADA), and I'm bored, bloated, period-y, and craving MAD chocolate, so to occupy myself I've decided to be daring and give some nail art a try today. I really have no experience doing nail art, all I've done is just straight up paint 'em, so this will be quite the experiment. Do any of you have any recommendations/ideas for a beginner? Good online tutorials (photo preferred over video, using my cell phone)? Nail art websites? Anything of the sort is welcomed! Please share your glorious nails and nail art!