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Foster care orientation

after work today I have foster care orientation (wooo!). My husband and I were denied adoption through tradition venues, due to $ and my disability. He finally came around to foster care, but it took some work. He is terrified of becoming attached and then losing the child (which, yeah, but you have a child a safe home for a while. That's a good thing). we hope to foster to adopt, but realize that may not happen right away. I am fully (well as fully as I can be without caring for one- research, secondhand experience through teaching) aware of issues foster children can have, and had a few foster children in my classes when I used to teach. My husband thinks he does. I hope I'm not setting him up for heartbreak, but I'm sure these are all things orientation will cover. We have decided we can take up to two (siblings that shouldn't be separated) but preferably one child. The agency wants us to take 4, which just isn't happening.

That's all I have. I'm scared, but mostly excited. I love kids. I worked with all kinds of kids for 7 years, and babysat, tutored before that. I do worry about my husband a lot, but that's bc he wants children so badlyI wonder how hell react if he puts a bunch of love into a child and he "loses" it (though I personally feel if you work that hard on fixing yourself no one should take your kids. I know the system is broken, but I can't imagine not having a second chance with your child).

I'm babbling now. I also wonder how the agency will take a pink haired disabled woman ... I'm going to have to be on my best behavior.


Wish me luck guys.

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