and I'm wondering if I should tell her.

So I was leisurely perusing some pornographic websites, as I am wont to do, and I found a photo that stopped me in my tracks. It was someone I know. We used to live together for a few years. We were close, but I moved, and eventually we kind of lost touch. We are still facebook friends and say hey on birthdays and stuff, but we've moved on and have new friends.

I don't know if I should say anything, because maybe she knows its out there. Maybe she put it out there. I don't think she would be so bummed out that I saw the picture because we were intimate when we were friends and we know what each other look like naked. But on the off chance that she has no idea, would she want to know? I know there are naked pictures of me floating around but I don't care and would rather not hear about it.

What would you guys do in my position?

ETA: She wasn't online so I posted the picture on her facebook wall and said "HI IS THIS YOU??? ;P"


Just kidding I sent her a private message and a link. I'm blaming you guys if she is super weirded out.

UPDATE: It wasn't weird. She did some modeling for a nudist site that the image was lifted from. We are cool.