Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Does anyone have any rescue contacts in the LA/South Bay/Long Beach area?

I found a little guy on the street a few hours ago. She (I think, I can’t tell for sure) has obviously been in the street for awhile — she’s filthy and matted with huge dreadlocks. But she also seems very familiar with humans — she let me pick her up and carry her home, give her a bath and cut off some of the worst dreads (though she still looks and smells terrible, poor little thing), and she’s been in my lap ever since.

There’s no way I can keep her, even to foster; with my work hours I’m just not in any position to acclimate or train a new dog. But the thought of taking her to the county shelter breaks my heart. She’s so sweet and so scared, and I desperately want to find a rescue. But I’ll need to find one ASAP — I don’t think I can keep her in my apartment even overnight.


If anyone has any suggestions or contacts, I would be deeply grateful.

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