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Found dog -- small update

Just got the little guy back from the groomer (they were amazing — they only charged me that bath rate, even though they had to basically shave completely down after removing quite literally about two pounds of dreadlocks). Here he is snoozing beside me — I had no idea how little he was. And so skinny, poor baby.

He’s male, it turns out, and so incredibly sweet I can’t stand it. He just wants to be cuddled and held all the time. I got him a harness, since the collar seemed to freak him out so much. He doesn’t like (or seem to understand) the leash, but it doesn’t seem to scare him when nothing is around his neck, so that’s something. I’m going to do a walk-in vet appt. this afternoon.


I’ve been calling rescues all morning with basically no luck. One place in Palmdale said they could take him if I could foster him for 10 days. Someone also suggested the West LA animal shelter — they’re not no kill, but apparently they have a super low kill rate. I’d have to lie about where I found him, though.

I’m going to try shutting him in the bathroom tomorrow and leaving for awhile to see how he does, because if he takes it okay (and Buster and Sophie do okay) I may be able to hold onto him for the 10 days. It just worries me because I’m gone 11-12 hours a day and I work 1.5 hours away — if he starts scratching or destroying things or barking nonstop I can’t get back quickly (plus the whole, “Yes, I know I just started two weeks ago, but a strange dog needs me!” thing.

Argh argh argh. I just want to find a good home for him, but I have like no time.

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