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The rescue got back to me, and I just got back from dropping him off.

It was really hard to do — I cried, and he cried, and it was just completely heartbreaking. But the woman who is fostering him is lovely, and I’m just so, so glad he’s going to be in a home and not a cage. He is possibly the sweetest little dog I’ve ever met — he was just so grateful and loving, and it was such a joy to watch him transition from being terrified to being curious and playful. He has this adorable little bouncing run — he looks like a lamb frolicking. And there is no better sound in the world than a dog making a happy, contented sigh.

I’m kind of a mess — I didn’t sleep or eat much this weekend, between taking care of him and trying to find a place for him to go, and I didn’t do laundry or go grocery shopping or anything else, so next week is going to be hard since my days are so long I don’t have time to do any of that during the week. Plus I’m totally missing the puppy :-/ But he’s in a great place where he will get lots of love and care until he finds a forever home, which makes everything else more than worth it. And Buster and Sophie are very glad to have me to themselves again.


Thanks again for all the help and advice. Here is a ridiculously cute picture I took of him on my lap last night:

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