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Foundation for Ghost Skin?

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Y'all I am pale. But I'm also very pink.

And I take embarrassing selfies where you can see the phone in the reflection of my sunglasses. While doing ducklips.


But hopefully this gives you an idea of the pale because this was taken in the middle of summer. No, I'm not joking. This is my "tan."

I didn't want to hijack the other foundation thread, because it was also more about sensitive skin, whereas this is about a very specific end of the shade rainbow that's practically an Atlantis.


Where does one find foundation for ghost skin? I have one that actually suits me: It's the Bobbi Brown foundation stick in 00 — Alabaster because it was literally the only foundation in all of Vancouver's Sephora that matched my skin tone. It's nice. I do like it. But I prefer liquid formulas because I find them easier to deal with.

I know that Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud had a dedicated "pale girl" foundation line, but it's gone bust and you can't even order old bottles off of eBay anymore.


Any recommendations from other ghosts?

Also: how do you know for sure if a foundation suits you?

Foundation help? Ghost help?

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