Article on xoJane today discusses the important difference between whining about a lack of available shades for pale white people, and the lack of any shades at all for non-white people from most drug store brands.

I admit that I complain about the lack of product available to me on the market, but the truth is that people shouting the author down in the comments are missing a rather large central point that she makes around the middle of the piece:

It sucks that you can't find makeup in your specific skin tone, it really does, no sarcasm. But I can guarantee you that in most mainstream lines you can find makeup designed for your race. A drugstore foundation range will usually read something like Ivory, Porcelain, Buff, Beige, Medium Beige, Honey and Tan. Tan. That's it. For all of us. Your problem is specific to you, ours is generalized to our entire race.

In short: fellow white pale people, learn to absorb a message rather than immediately dismissing it.