Who worked out the moving process all by herself? This gal.

My living situation is great. Perfect building, turns out the city buzz suits me better than the college town lull, and I HAVE ACTUAL WINDOWS where I have both a view of one of my favorite historical landmarks, and SUNLIGHT! Sure, it's a bit smaller than I'm used to, and unpacking sucks, but overall amazing. There are other things too.

I actually like the drive to the other side of the city (I have a few commitments there)...the driving anxiety has been gone for a long time, BTW. It helps that it's so easy. The radio station is my best friend. They only play 80s/70s/some 90s music. Best.

On the other hand, I'm terrified of the city to some extent. Never lived in a major metro area before. I get a bit scared around crowds and stuff, and clutch my purse a lot. It sounds weird, but I've been pick-pocketed before and it sucks. Plus all the paranoia my friends instilled in me doesn't help. Oh, you know there will be a post about 'Real friends' sometime down the road. Just found out who they are. And they're not the ones I thought they would be.


But-I like the views. I like waking up to the sight of buildings. And it turns out driving around (When needed) in the metro area is pretty legit. But I can walk pretty much anywhere, so I'm getting dem (more) defined legs. And my biceps are bigger from all the packing and unpacking. Awww yeah.