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Fox And NBC Live Musicals Will Be

For Fox it will be A Christmas Story. I never saw the stage.musical. I saw the movie countless times. This will be tough to do since it has to come close to being as good as the movie if not it would be forgettable unless its a disaster.

For NBC its Jesus Christ Superstar. The definitive televised version is the 2000 edition so this better equal that. Personally I like the 2000 version more then the Ted Neely edition. A clip from.the 2000 version.


Who.saw A Christmas Story musical? How is it? Good songs? Which is most important part of musical. Not sure why they went for a musical that few have seen or know about. They should have stuck to a classic. Chicago or A Chorus Line would have been better. Actually with all the dance competition shows I woukd have gone with A Chorus Line.

Fox will also do Rent.

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