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FOX news visuals

I know that most of us don’t watch much (if any!) FOX News channel, if we are not forced to.

But i have a question that’s been bothering me for ages now (months for sure, possibly over a year now!),

Has ANYONE ever seen any research reported, on the psychological/mental agitation that seems to be purposefully created by the techniques used in their broadcasts?


I’m NOT talking the hosting styles /bombast used by the on-air personalities, etc.

I’m talking about the literal visual styles, colors, patterns, zoom-ins/zoom-outs, movement & layering of background patterns, and the speed & direction of their lower-screen crawls, on the emotions & stress/distress levels of their viewers?

I’m curious, because i really can’t seem to find much/any.

I’m ALSO curious, because last weekend, when it happened to be on for a while i was working at the “Old Guy Bar”, i counted, and at many points, IGNORING the people on the screen, there were graphics moving in AT LEAST 7 different directions at once!


1 crawl across the bottom, which took ~30 sec. per sentence

2. The Breaking news alert “crawl”(counted as 1 direction here!), which sent a red set of chevrons/arrows going out from the words “News Alert” and back in, on a yellow line about every 5.7-5.9 (not 5, not 6!) seconds—not quiiiiite regularly, so it started to feel like you couldn’t *quite* anticipate when it would shoot out & back, again raising anticipation/anxiety.


3. The sometimes-”rotating” logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

And 4. The kicker, was that i managed to count *at least* 4 Different directions that the background “transparency layers” were moving across the screen, as the hosts talked/ the activities in the 2 large onscreen boxes went on.


The backgrounds moved simultaneously l/r & up/down diagonally crossing each otger onscreen,and there were ALSO layers that JUST moved left and right past each other, with no diagonal movement.

I don’t know if i just notice this stuff because i’m odd & need to pay extremely detailed attention with my kiddos, or if it’s something others notice consciously too?


I DO know that if i watch long enough, my heart rate, respiration, and anxiety levels gradually ramp up, because it’s too much to pay attention to (LOTS of jagged lines, chopped up lines and half-words which get covered by stuff, so i can’t read them & my brain starts to get crabby, because it’s trying to determine meaning out of nonsense!), and i’ve beem trying to find out if anyone’s done good science on it?

I also noticed their technique for on-air hosts appears to be: focus in moderately on in-studio, blurring the “newsroom” behind tgem, allowing blurry “ominous” glowing screens, and shadowy humanoid-looking figures to move in the background.


And on “on site” shots, either something “blurry but official-looking” in the background, i.e. the White House,

Or: Zoomed-in so tightly the feed gets slightly pixellated, allowing viewers to “see the rage” on protestors faces, or close-up slightly-pixellated views of things that are on fire/being destroyed.


Do y’all have any ideas?

My guess is that it’s done on purpose, to keep people agitated/worried, and feeling so angsty that they HAVE to keep watching.


But i can’t find much really.

I DID find these, but nothing FOX related and scientifically breaking down the psychology of what happens to viewers (i.e. does it ramp up their fears like i’d imagine?).



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