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Frank "Bozo the Clown" Avruch Has Died At 89

I am sure many New Englanders past a certain age remember him as a child when he played as Bozo The Clown. The greatest clown ever. He was also host of The Great Entertainment show. It was a weekly show at 11:300pm where a classic movie would air and Frank would discuss the movie the stars and historical perspective at the start of each segment.

His delivery was dryer then the Movie Loft Host whose name I cannot recall but Frank was top notch, the Movie Loft Host came across as a prick at times.. Sadly movie hosts seem extinct now. Frank Avruch should be the model used on how to do it along with being a tv clown. I need to find my old Bozo clown doll I had as a young child.


Anyone recall him?

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