So like ... the house thing may be happening?

We’ve put in offers on two since last I mentioned it. One was rejected and another failed inspection. The fourth house had a weird inspection issue where the HVAC failed because it was attached to some sort of space age security system and the owners had it on vacation mode ... and another fucking faulty roof. Don’t get me started on the sheer number of faulty roofing situations in this town. But the sellers are motivated, and the roof is being replaced. Probably on time for close, even ...?

The one major tragedy is that we locked in a mortgage rate and then I discovered that I was eligible for a credit increase on both of my credit cards. I requested it and: voilá! My usage rate is now well below the recommended amount. The rate is locked in, but my credit score just went up, and I now have excellent credit. Two weeks too late. CURSES!

The rest of my summer looks like this:

  • now until August 7: frantically pack while trying to prep for a new semester at a new job (teaching assignment still not confirmed?) and also biggest conference of the academic year
  • August 8-13: most major conference in my field. Perform or present ... literally every day. Make nice with all the other flute people in the continental U.S. and some abroad
  • August 13: fly back to current home airport, DRIVE to future home, close on house (TRAVEL WEARY? REST IS FOR THE WEAK!)
  • August 14-16: new faculty orientations and meetings (TRY NOT TO LOOK LIKE A VAGRANT EVEN THOUGH ... YOU HALFWAY ARE!)
  • August 16: drive back to current home, rent moving truck
  • August 17-19: load moving truck with stuff previously packed (see August 7), MOVE LEAVING HUSBAND BEHIND, unload truck, try not to die, continue furiously prepping for fall semester with, one hopes, confirmed teaching assignments. Juggle human moving stuff with doggy separation anxiety stuff, hope she does not become even more unreasonably anxious. Hope I do not become unreasonably anxious. Hope that at this point moving-anxiety related insomnia goes away.
  • August 20: the semester begins. One assumes the teaching assignment will be mostly set at this point. Pray for anxiety dog. Schedule surgery for fractured ankle. Generally try to survive until December.