Remember what the hell was wrong with my face? It is ALL the mold in our house- its totally unliveable. The landlord is repairing the roof (meanwhile there is a hole in the ceiling), but wont fix the mold that is already in the ceiling (from when they overflowed their bathtub), or install a ceiling fan in our bathroom. last night he came and knoked on our door once we were already in bed and was like, Where's my rent? And my husband was like, "Charlie, man, I love you, but you have to fix the mold, its making my wife sick."

He was like, "what mold?" although he has promising repairs for months. The mold is very visible in the kitchen and living room .

My husband responded, "when you make the repairs we will be more than happy to pay"

Charlie responded with "That doesn't work for me" and disappeared. Fifteen minutes later his girlfriend knocked on our bedroom door with a three day notice to pay rent or quit.

We found a place today!!! And I am on my way over there to pay deposit of 400$.

Here is the thing: what about our old place? Will we get our deposit back (possibly prorated for the days in May we have lived there?) we have looked at the tenant laws, and we think we were supposed to write a letter of intent but since we share a house it is clear the landlord knows about he problems. I think its illegal to serve a three day notice - the place is totally unliveable - i am definitely doing good during the day when i hang out at Starbucks all day, and then when i cook in the kitchen my eyes water like crazy. Nights are also uncomfortable and my face is healing but still red. I cannot live there!


What are our next steps? Charlie is a former lawyer who loves to raise his voice to get his way ... If he flips out on us like he did on the last roommate who left I will call the police. I would have called the police on him for how he treats his girlfriend if she wanted that (she doesn't).

I wan this to go smoothly and I want to get our damage deposit back in full or most so that we can pay for our new place. Incidentally when pro rating days, if rent is $930 and we move in on Saturday, how much is that? (We calculated 640?)


Thanks for listening everyone!