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Fraudulent Uber Charge?

Anybody have any experience talking to Uber about a fraudulent charge?

Last night my boyfriend and I took an Uber to a 7:30 dinner. Driver was great. At 9:30 we took an Uber home. The ride was disorganized. The app said he wanted us to meet him on the corner, so we walked down there to wait for him, only to see him pull up next to the restaurant. Fine, whatever. We walk back to meet him and took the most uneventful ride, had him drop us off at a busy corner next to my place because it’s hard for a car to turn across the street the way he came. We entered and exited out of the back passenger side door. We got home, tipped and didn’t give it a second thought.


We went to bed only to wake up this morning to an email sent around 1am saying that the driver claimed we threw up all over the outside of his driver’s side door, and charged us $150.00. We tried to contact them to be like, yeah that never happened, but they were basically like, well problem resolved on our end. Tried to reiterate, yo, this didn’t happen, and got the same stock response.

Anything else we can do, other than contest the charge with the bank? Anybody else delt with this? Thanks for your help!

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