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Freaking out- Updated

So Mr. Peachy just texted me saying his boss finally gave him a date for heading to the UK (context).

We were told he would be going in April or May, so of course he is going the very first week of April. And somehow now it is February and that is in two months AND WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!? Plus, now our last weekend together will be spent visiting my grandparents and cousins, which is the least romantic vacation I can imagine. So yeah, even though I knew this was coming, I'm freaking out a bit. It also doesn't help that he is leaving 6 days before I will find out if I was accepted to an internship, which affects a lot of what will happen for us next year. And if I don't get accepted? I will probably have a breakdown and will need him here. But he won't be here. And that fucking sucks.


Please send happy gifs.

UPDATE: Okay, so here is a prime of example of what I mean when I say my husband is bad at communicating.

Him: If all plans stay the same, I'm going as soon as I'm done with you in [place my relatives live].

Me: The day after we get back? Or would you leave from there?

[This is when I started freaking out and wrote this post. He didn't respond for 45 minutes]


Him: Just after...Not any day specifically...


Okay, he just answered my text asking for clarification:
"You are getting hung up on exact dates. I told them it would have to be after Easter. I will set up the flight myself once some things are figured out between the departments."


Okay. So we knew you would be going in April or May. Now you are saying you are going after April 5th, which we already assumed would be okay before we agreed to go visit my family. SO BASICALLY YOU HAVE ZERO NEW INFORMATION.

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