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My rent at my new place is much higher than it was at my old place, but I figured that was fine because my ex had been at his job for a few years and was pretty good about child support payments. Unfortunately, he is unemployed at the moment.

To try to make up the difference, I spent the day putting paintings in my Etsy store. But I suck at promotion and pricing. Plus painting in acrylic is not my strong suit (I'm much better with pastels), just what I've been dabbling in for the past few months. On the one hand, I'm very embarrassed for people to see work that is not my best. On the other hand, money is tight. So I'm gritting my teeth and just putting stuff out there. And freaking out that it is so crappy that no one will buy it and I'll be both embarrassed and still broke.

If you have any kind words of support (or constructive criticism) I could sure use them right now. Here's my site/blatant plug:


ETA: Thanks for your kind words. My panic is subsiding a bit, seeing my site stats go up and getting some reassurance. I'm going to sleep now and hope that I can get the rest of my stuff up tomorrow. Thanks!

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