TW: weight issues



still spacing

probably enough spacing

So I have been working really hard to overhaul my diet and exercise. While the scale has not budged in the past 3 months (that motherfucking sonofabitch), my shape has changed a lot recently. More than I had perceived — which is not uncommon with weight loss.

I realized this week that none of my summer dresses fit. Not a damn one, and not in a way that can be easily altered if I were willing to pay for it.

All I’ve been wanting are a few knee-length, not super-thin or lowcut dresses. The kind that I can wear to work with a cardi or jacket, or wear out with a cuter cardi, etc.

My mom drags me into White Black House Market/White House Black Market (I honestly don’t know which it is) even though I am protesting that nothing there will fit me. Because nothing there ever has as they stop at like 14, and up until recently I was a 20/22.


WRONG! I got this awesome fit-and-flare dress! I know I got lucky, as the cut really only has to fit in a few places, which is how I can shoehorn myself awesomely into that 14.

Which leads to me having a mini-meltdown in the dressing room. Not all out, but enough that my mom is concerned and wants to know why I look like I’m going to cry. I explain that I’ve never been able to fit in their clothes before, but that we need to change the subject so I don’t overreact to this realization. My awesome mom high fives me, and then we finish up.

Now I am celebrating with chips and salsa and a ginormous margarita.