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So, I love my freckles. I have a lot of them. They're on my face, and in a bit of a subtle mask shape across my upper cheeks and around my eyes. They don't really show in pictures, so I guess they are pretty subtle. I think they're cute.

I don't mind being in the sun, and I don't mind my freckles getting darker in the summer. They fade a lot in the winter, and then reappear when the sun comes out again!

I just started learning make-up last year, and the extent of my talent is decent looking eyes and a bit of lip color. I probably should learn blush and foundation and stuff for when I get a real law job, so tips on that would be nice. I'm getting off point here. The current point is, I think they are cute and not distracting so I don't cover them up.


I feel like we never see freckles on people in the media. I feel like makeup is meant to cover them up, and they're treated like blemishes. When I was playing make-up in 5th grade with a girl from my class, she wanted to cover them all up, but I said no.

So, Hivemind, how do you feel about freckles? Am I the odd one out here? Any other people with freckle pride?

(Edited to bottom, where it fit better:

Slightly creepy side note: I had a male friend in high school tell me that he thought I would be good at giving blow jobs because freckles are cute and I would be cute looking up at someone while sucking their dick off, I guess? It was awkward and strange. But sexist male gaze freckle compliment?)

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