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Frederick's of Hollywood?

UPDATE: Multiple people asked for updated to this thread but it totally slipped my mind. The bras I ordered online turned out to be a bust (haha) — neither of the ones from Frederick’s worked out and I ended up making an appointment at Rigby & Peller (which has acquired Intimacy) and spending a large sum of money on the most amazing, perfectly sized, full-lace-cup bras from a (French?) brand called Empreinte. That was in February and I am still so happy with them!

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The time has come, once again, for me to get new bras. Unfortunately Aerie no longer makes the Sofie, which was my go-to full coverage bra. I’ve ordered the Sunnie but we’ll see. I’ve tried all the bra fitting advice the internet has to offer and I’m looking at 32 DDD/F/ higher?


Now, I’m a huge Sofia Vergara fan and she has mentioned in interviews that she used to buy bras from Frederick’s of Hollywood, which are, in her words “made for strippers”... are they really? I checked out the website and while some pieces are definitely racy, I could live with a couple of sexaaay bras that, you know, actually fit me well.

I’m specifically considering these two:

Option 1

Option 2

They don’t seem as pricey as I would have expected. What’s the deal? Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Is the material just crap that’s going to fall apart after a day? Horribly uncomfortable and itchy? Should I go for it or am I making a huge mistake? Tell me! I need a bra fairy godmother, and yes, I wish it were Sofia!

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