My name is klewless and I am a bootaholic. I have at least 30 pairs and I really think it is closer to 40. I even buy boots and NEVER WEAR THEM!

The job I have been at since February we can dress "business casual" and I haven't worn anything but Berks, Toms and flip flops since my first day. I have decided I need to go through my "collection" and only keep the ones I wear so if you would like a free* pair of boots hit me up in the comments. If I have a lot of hits I will pull a name out of a hat**.

So here's the deets:

Soft black leather Aldo boots: heel height 3.5" and the top opening is approx 14". There is no zipper. All those straps that you see are the way you tighten them to fit. These have never been worn. If you see the light spot on the back side of the boot, that is a little worn spot (from the box I guess) and a touch of polish would get rid of it.

Soft brown stretchy moleskin boots: heel height 4" and the top opening is approx 14". These have a zipper on the inside for ease of entry. These have been worn once.


EDIT: stealsyourscreeeeeams convinced me that she needed these boots.

I plan on offering more boots and probably some pumps and heels in the very near future.