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Free-range bunnies

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Maybe we have been living in condos for too long, but is it normal to let your pet rabbits run around the neighbourhood? Our neighbours let their rabbits out daily by just dumping them on their front lawn and walking away until it's dark out. They're friendly and will often hop over to our back lawn for pets and love.


Anyways, I'm kind of worried about them. I'm in no way a bunny expert, but they both seem to be covered in scratches and bite marks. The neighbour in-between us has two aggressive dogs, and I fear that they might be getting routinely attacked. I want to call the local no-kill animal shelter, but my partner is worried we might be missing something. I've never heard of letting your rabbits run free-range around the neighborhood, and in one where there's hawks, bears, coyotes ect it seems like neglect to me.

Any resident bunny-experts?

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