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I stopped taking my birth control pills at the end of my last pack since the bf and I broke up at the beginning of December and I don’t anticipate any non-solo sexy times any time soon. This is my first non-medicated period in a decade or so... and holy crap. First, it just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I mean, I knew it would be yesterday, or today, or maybe tomorrow but usually I have a couple of hours of crampy-no-good-feeling before it actually shows up. Not this time! Super fun.

And, despite taking my usual dose of pain meds for cramps, they’re still here and I’m tired. So, so, so tired.


Ugh, stupid uterus. Why can’t you behave? I try to let you be your natural uterus self and this is how you repay me?

GT, tell me of your uteri. Or your other problems. Or your victories. Just do your open thread thing and distract me from my nemesis, the uterus.

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