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I like the idea of helping young people.who could not otherwise afford college get a two year help towards their bachelors degree and to at leaat let them get an associates degree for free. Allthough going half time it would take then 4 years less if they go summers. This is great.

My fear is this could be used by people who can afford college but will use community college plan to get a free education as a head start and taking away seats from poor students. Maybe not many of the children of the one percenters or close to that bracket will.do this but still that avenue needs to be closed.

Also senior citizens. Ok not many but enough. I know and have met many who will say "oh I could take 2 courses a term and take (history, English, art) classes and just say I am working on a degree oh maybe get an associates degree, oh maybe a group of us can do this, this will be fun". If there are extra seats fine, but they should not take seats away from kids or adults trying to do this to help themselves financially.


I am considering that 2 courses is half time. I would like this law to have a financial cutoff if your family makes 250k plus a year or assets above 5 million you are not allowed in. If you are on Social Security (not ssdi) and retired only if there are seats available.

Your thoughts?

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