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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Free yoga?

I know this has been discussed here before, but I’m hoping to get some recommendations again.

Since I’m currently unemployed (hopefully not for long), I feel like I really can’t justify paying for classes. I much prefer getting out of the house and going to a class to doing videos at home, but there’s the money issue. Also, the class schedules around here suck. Everything is at 5:30; I hate stressing about getting out of work on time. If there’s a later class, it’s some kind of Hot Yoga Sculpt Power Yoga RAAAR! I’m just not that talented. So, videos.


We just got a Roku to try cord cutting (I have a suspicion we’ll be back in cable’s clutches though). I see there are yoga channels. I added a free one that’s just called “Yoga.” Any other recommendations? Or on YouTube? What I’m really looking for is an actual hour long video. A lot of stuff on the Roku channel or what I’ve come across on YouTube is 45 minutes at most.

I also need to go get a library card and see what kind of DVDs they have there. But you have to bring those back! A friend is supposed to be mailing me his PiYo DVDs, but that’s not really yoga. But it could be fun. It promises easy-on-joints cardio?

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