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#FreeBree Indiegogo Update

The Bail For Bree Newsome Indiegogo has reached a whopping $98,500 in the last 24 hours, nearly 500% over their asking goal which was reached in 3 hours! The fundraiser was set up by Credo Action, an activist organization that will be using the extra funds for supporting other activists who take direct action in the Black lives movement.

CREDO will cover any processing fees from your credit card or indiegogo to ensure that 100% of your donations goes to Bree Newsome’s legal support and the movement for Black lives.


Just to put things into perspective: the homophobic couple in Indiana who said they wouldn’t serve pizza (wtf) at a gay wedding raised over $840,000.

ETA Re: Michael Moore’s involvement and paying her fees. From the Credo FB page.

Michael Moore has made the offer but the folks on the ground don’t have any money in hand and have us standing by. If Bree doesn’t need the money for her legal defense these funds will go to the future activists doing direct action to protect Black lives. All money goes to legal support and bail for activists organizing on the ground.

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