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in light of my recent adventures, I think there should be a kinja devoted to the pursuit of free food (the student kind): how you got it, what it was, was it good, would eat again (free/pay for it).

I cannot run it because I have stuff to do but if you do make it I will be an author and tell you all about my free food adventures. I think my undergrad by far optimized the free food process. This list will be up unless this gets doxxy.

  1. our events calendar allowed you to filter events by presence of food
  2. RAs got a decent amount of money to buy snacks for the dorm because "it brought us together"
  3. Administrative units bought food once a week at a predetermined time for us to snack on
  4. The university paid people to bake cookies for us at 10pm 5-7 days a week. Because it brought us together.
  5. If you had an event that could conceivably be an alternative to drinking you could apply for money to buy food.
  6. Receptions and holiday parties. I had three department holiday parties for my one major and closely related but distinct minor. I also got invited to stuff where they invited me to take the leftover food.
  7. Best of all, a FREE FOOD LISTSERV. if you hosted a thing and there was food left and it needed to go, you could email the listserv which was pretty much the entire student body (it was voluntary) and it would be gone within ten minutes.
  8. DAMMIT I FORGOT DEPARTMENTAL TEA TIMES. I uh drank coffee sometimes in college.

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