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Welcome To The Bitchery

Freelancing/Internet Telecommunting Services: anyone tried one?

So, as if I don't have enough work from my current job (that I'm avoiding like the plague right now heeeey procrastination!) I've been toying with the idea of part-time remote work for a number of reasons. 1) we are broke as shit 2) Mr. Farce is never home these days anyway while he's at the Fire Academy so I have free time and 3) I need constant stimulation/change to keep engaged.

I read good reviews about FlexJobs and was wondering if anyone has tried it or a similar service. It weirds me out a bit because you have to pay to apply for jobs. Back in the heady days of my unpaid goat farm internship, I worked through Elance, but it was a cutthroat world where contracting houses out of India were undercutting my hourly bids for jobs. It became way more trouble than it was worth, especially as I was making next-to no money when I actually nailed a bid.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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