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Freeway pup--(happy!) update

An update to this post (with the same picture because I still only have the one):


This is the sweet little girl I passed running around the 110 (not the shoulder, the actual freeway, which is still damned near giving me a heart attack) during rush hour in Los Angeles last week.

I went to meet her this weekend, and they let me take her out of the cage and out into the courtyard for awhile. She was clearly terrified at first, shaking so hard it looked like something out of a cartoon, but she gradually calmed down and started cuddling up to me, and within about 15 minutes she was giving me kisses and making happy little sighs.

It broke my heart to leave her, but she wasn't available until to adopt until today. I went first thing this morning and filled out the paperwork, though, and now she's all mine! I named her Sophie, and I am ridiculously excited about this new addition to my family.

I can't take her home until tomorrow because she needs to be spayed, but after I finished the adoption process I spent a good 45 minutes at the shelter just playing with her and holding her, and got to see her wag her tail for the first time, which was adorable. She was SO happy to see me again, which just made me melt into a great big pile of goo.


I am worried about Buster being jealous, but she's half his size and clearly very submissive, so I'm hoping he won't perceive her as too much of a threat. I suspect she's going to spend a lot of time on my lap at first, though (at the shelter she didn't really want to walk around—she just wanted me to cuddle her), which Buster isn't going to be crazy about. Also I'm guessing my kitty Curt won't be thrilled about ANOTHER bouncy interloper, but he's also bigger than her, so there's that.

We shall see, though. Everyone think good thoughts in our direction tomorrow that introductions go smoothly and she's a good fit for us?

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