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For anyone who gritted their teeth when that recent post about France and ADHD was passed around on Facebook.

Here’s the most important bit:

“Dr. Sarkis said that in France there is a “strong negative cultural belief against medication” for children with psychiatric disorders. However, he said, children with ADHD continue to suffer the consequences of the disorder. Regarding the impact of undiagnosed and unmedicated ADHD in France, Dr. Sarkis said, “the reality is that there are French kids in prison, a high rate of tobacco use, and kids dropping out of school”.


Dr. Sarkis said said that if a French child with ADHD receives “excellent parenting, high structure, and clear expectations from parents” it can mitigate behaviors, However, it is “at the price of the child experiencing increased anxiety and internalizing problems”. For those children who are not able to receive excellent parenting and high structure, ADHD behaviors can be extremely impairing.”

As someone who was only diagnosed with ADHD in their 30’s I can tell you the internalized anxiety is huge.

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