Augh. If I read another article about how French Women(usually meaning Parisian women since France=Paris to many) are perfect and understated and sexy and have that je ne sais quoi that all women aspire for, I'm going to choke on a croissant. I've yet to grasp how Real-Life Parisians feel about their entire lifestyle getting fetisized and idolized like that. You rarely read as many articles about how New York women are so smart and amazingly stylish and fun along with ten tips to look and act like a New York women every day.A New Yorker would probably say "What the fuck?" and laugh about everything inaccurate in the article.

I've tried asking one of the few Parisians I know how they feel about the way Americans idolize French style.She expressed that she was proud in how the people in her city takes pride in their appearance, but she also said that other countries had a lot going for their style as well.She especially found inspiration in American style and our embrace of color and casual clothing.I look forward to getting a first-hand look of the mythical French Women in her natural environment, and I look forward to getting inspiration from her city's style as well.