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Fresh ink!!

Thanks everyone for helping me have an awesome time in Boston (saw the Isabella Gardner Museum, Quincy Market and Hay Market, some street performers, went to a pub - all good things!).

This is a little doxy so it may or may not get deleted depending on how I feel in a day or two. But either way you should all really check out the artist’s work, she’s really awesome! I got in and I hadn’t communicated well what I wanted, so we worked together to design this on the fly and she was great at getting me to be decisive and working with me to make sure I was happy. And I couldn’t be happier!!


Edit to say: I was admiring it/myself in the mirror after we finished, and this big, burly, bearded tattoo artist dude came up to look at the work. The guy said “That your first tattoo?” Me in a high pitched voice affirmed it was so. My artist complimented me for not asking for breaks over the 4 hours it took (we still had two 5 minute ones). And this dude called me HARDCORE. Guys. I am not hardcore. But if he says I’m hardcore then I am at least a little bit hardcore!!

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