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Fresh or fake tree & why? White, monochromatic color, multi~color or a combination of lights & why? Favorite or most sentimental ornament & why? Go! (also, holiday hi~jinx or happiness Open Thread)

Me & Mr. 4th of July are having a lovely First Christmas Season together this year. Together, in every way. The past several years of “suck” have been effectively dismissed for both of us and I say, “Fuck Yea, Heat Miser & Rudolph!! Krabby Klaws is coming to Town!!”

I always get fresh tree. My brother (big sister’s husband) has been an arborist & tree man as a profession for 1000 years, yet they have a fake! :) It’s lovely, too. My thinking is that farms grow them in perpetuity and fresh tree sellers will be around every christmas from here ‘til eternity. The trees are already cut so why not take one home? Plus, I love the smell & touching the branches & vacuuming up the needles. It simply makes me happy.

Lights? Whatever the hell works from last year!

Ornament? 20 years ago one of my friends made me a North Star out of a tin can. Cut metal, sharp points & beautiful. I’ll take a peekture and share when I hang it. Also, I balance pictures of my loved people in the branches. Some peektures are quite old now.


What’s going on with your tree, GT? Any hi~jinx or happiness to share?

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