What does that even mean?

Anyways, last night human person and I went to Jason's Deli for dinner and it was awesome. I had french onion soups and a Ruben because it's my fave. We came home, watched The Avengers and passed out. I woke up at 2am and got all sorts of sick and it was gross.

I came into work anyways because I feel SO guilty about taking any time off. I get an email from my apartment complex saying that they're being audited and need boyfriend person to sign an application so he can be on my lease. What? let's backtrack.

3 years ago when we moved in here, his mom co-signed for me because I was only 18. He didn't go on the lease. He sat right there next to me as I signed the papers, talking and joking with the manager of the complex, who knew he was living with me. The next year, I renew my lease, they take his mom off because I proved I was gonna pay my shit, I ask the new manager if human person can be on the lease too. She told me that it's really complicated to put him on the lease, just renew, we know he's an occupant. I renewed my lease this year in September (they raise my rent $200 fucking bucks) and everything was fine. BUT NOW, after I asked if he could be on my lease, after he's lived with me for years, since day 1, they want us to pay $80 (That I do not have at this moment in time. Holidays, rent this week, ect..) and have him sign an app.

I'm fricken pissed! I don't even know what do to, they want the application signed and a money order like, today and I can't. I'm going to email the manager back today and tell her I'll have him sign the application today but she will have to wait until next week for the money. And if she doesn't like that, she can kiss my ass. AKA I'll have to ask my Granny to send me some money.