I have battle fatigue. I feel like everything was a fight this week. I literally fought people (verbally, not physically) and now feel like half a person. All the fights went my way though, and I am feeling weirdly guilty about it. Like I shouldn't be awarded for being self-righteously aggressive...

I also cried on the subway which is against all of my rules.

Good things happened too... I bought a lot of long flowy skirts, crop tops, and dangly earrings because tis the season (or IT WILL BE. soon. fuck this fall-weather-in May-ish). I had a great bonding moment with a friend. I booked my ticket to Istanbul. There is a whiskey ginger waiting for me at 5:35 pm today. I'm going to eat all the things at Smorgasburg this weekend.

So here's to putting all the aggression behind me and not being such a sensitive/angry kitten! And also to getting my period so my PMS/PMDD calms da fuck down.

Hugs to all the GTers <3 How are you feeling this Friday? Do you want to shove this week up someone's bumhole like I do??