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It’s Friday at 4:30 and I just can’t with work. I have a bunch of small, mostly mindless things to do, and a bunch of things that require other people to get things to me first, and it all just feels like Things That Can Happen on Monday. I want to go hide in the bathroom and finish the last 50 pages of my book.

This morning I unexpectedly ended up at a tag sale, and got 3 pretty new books all in perfect condition for $3 (The Golem and the Jinni, Eurphoria, and The Clasp, if anybody is interested). Tonight I’m going to see Green Room, which I want to be excited about but I’m not because I have cramps and am tired, but the movie theater does owe me a fee milkshake and that I’m psyched for. Tomorrow a friend and I are trying to get tickets to A Streetcar Named Desire and then we’re meeting up with another friend to partake in Independent Bookstore Day.

How are you wonderful people filling the hours til your weekend begins? Who has fun plans?

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